Monday, 20 April 2009

Rodeo pony.

Hey, I'm new to blogger so I'm not quite sure what I'm doing I have a 14.3hh Welsh cob mare called Rosie who has just turned 5.

Rosie has been a bit of an arse schooling recently but I had a lesson on Sunday and she was amazing! Felt fantastic and when I got off and when someone else hopped on for 5 mins she looked incredible too! It was such a change from her normal stubborn nappiness - just hope we can keep it up!

Of course there were some bad bits too, she wasn't too happy about doing some proper work so at the start there was a lot of bucking in protest, but I just ignored her and pushed on and we just got on with it after that. Tbh, I'm not too bothered about things like that because I know she's just just having a bit of a babyish moment and when I got off and watched I just laughed at her!

When I turned her out in the field after bathing her she sank down and had a good roll, and then did the most beautiful Welsh cob trot and canter around her field. Everytime she went past the boys field next door she really moved - what a show off!!

Till next time :)

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